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Humanity has constantly asked for a clear understanding of our existence, purpose, and relationship to Yahuah. The answers to our deepest questions have always been known by a few people we labeled prophets and mystics. Now the answers are available to anyone who seeks them with an open mind and heart.

Life is all about perspective. Viewing your life and the world from the standpoint of the true Spiritual Nature of reality creates a way of being in the world that enhances our ability to manifest our desires, increase our joy, and be compassionate.

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The six Spiritual Aspects of reality (Aspects) are:

The sacred nature and purpose of human beings.

The Illusory Nature of reality.

The Multiverse structure of reality.

A person's beliefs create their reality - The Law of Attraction.

Our infinite existence through Reincarnation.

The interconnectedness of all things- We are One.

I describe the Aspects and relate them to our subjective, physical reality. I examine the Aspects from physiological, psychological, physics, quantum physics, and Spiritual perspectives with easy-to-understand explanations. Examining the Aspects from these varied viewpoints facilitates comprehension and validation.

Scientific topics are explained in clear language. Topics are addressed to the extent that they support the truth of the Spiritual Nature of reality. They are not addressed to any depth that would make understanding the points being made difficult. A technical, medical, or psychology background is not necessary. Knowledge of the Law of Attraction is beneficial but not required.

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