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My apologies that I do not have a professional store. It is just too expensive.

Perspective Suchness Consulting Services

My service is to assist you with clarity. I can help with releasing anger and judgment, forgiveness, acceptance, and healing. I can address specific questions about personal and business matters. I do my best to communicate with you in a way that respects and accommodates your beliefs. 

Everything in life changes depending on how we look at it. Using my dowsing, channeling, and analytical abilities, I provide practical and Spiritual insights and perspectives that address your situation, for your consideration. I provide practical plans that balance your desires with your beliefs and physical reality. You will see a path forward that you approve of and are excited about. You will see how to shift towards positive change in a way that feels comfortable, even exciting.

Yahuah has given all of us a directional system - our emotions. As I provide perspectives, I ask you to listen to your heart and tell me when something I say feels right or not. You will know when you have the clarity you seek.

Sessions are via phone and continue until you have the perspectives that serve you. In my experience, sessions usually last between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours. Based on experience, you will accomplish a great deal during this time.  

The best way to determine whether or not I can be of service is for us to talk.  Please send an e-mail to, send a text to 252-263-2703, or use the Contact page so we can schedule a time.


Please be advised that the services and information offered are not designed to replace traditional medical or professional advice or care, especially emergency care. If you are hurt or distressed, please call 911 and get emergency help. You assume complete and total responsibility for the use and outcome of any and all services and information received. Your life is fluid and evolving, and solely managed by you. I trust that the perspectives we discuss will allow you to see your life as it is today with more clarity. It is your perspectives that enable you to recognize and make choices that serve you. Your perspectives and choices are under your control. They will change over time, hopefully evolving into ones that better serve you.

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