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I stopped seeking new Spiritual teachers and texts around 2016. There are many knowledgeable Spiritual teachers not listed that may be of value to you. Most Spiritual teachers have free YouTube videos so you can get a sense of who they are. As always, how you feel is your best guide with respect to what information serves you.

If you have been studying New Thought/Ancient Wisdom for a while, please consider reading The Way of Mastery by the Shanti Christo Foundation. You can find study groups though their web site. This one book changed my life more than any other.

The Laws of Spirit by Dan Millman is a fiction book that succinctly and beautifully describes the Spiritual Nature of reality.

Studying the Law of Attraction is crucial in my opinion. Esther Hicks (who channels Abraham) is a great resource. She has numerous YouTube videos. 


Suggested Reference Books

Movies and Series


What the Bleep Do We Know - our quantum reality
You Can heal Your Life - healing using 

The Secret - the Law of Attraction basics

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - the value of all experience, even hurtful ones


Groundhog Day - reincarnation

Lucy - the human potential

Being Erica - learning from your life experience

The Matrix - the illusion of reality

Pay It Forward - service and transformation

I Heart Huckabees - the Spiritual Nature of reality

What Dreams May Come - the afterlife

My Dinner with Andre - Spirituality vs Materialism

Star Wars - applied awareness (the Force )

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - the value of all experience, even hurtful experience

The Way of Mastery, the Shanti Christo Foundation

Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes

Ask and It Is Given, Jerry and Esther Hicks

The Life You Were Meant to Live, Dan Millman
Hands of Light, Barbara Ann Brennan (Reiki)

Animal Speak, Ted Andrews

You Can heal Your Life, Louise L. Hay

Numerology & the Divine Triangle, Faith Javane & Dusty Bunker

The I Ching Workbook, R. L. Wing

The Western Guide to Feng Shui, Terah Kathryn Collins

Letter to Robin - a Mini- Course in Pendulum Dowsing, Walt Woods, available from many websites as a free download.

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