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Perspective Suchness

My passion is to use perspective to help people find solutions and create positive change in their lives.

My life has two parts. Prior to 1990, I was an agnostic.  I focused on the material world. I earned a BSEE, worked as an electrical engineer for a few years, then earned my MBA.

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My awareness is a prism I create.

God shines through me for the rainbow's sake.

Illusions fade as my awareness moves

from dreaming asleep to dreaming awake.

On May 8, 1990, a near-death experience (NDE) permanently changed everything. I was shown that I was an eternal being of Light, that we are all One, and that there is no hell. I was turned right-side up, so to speak. I was 31 years old.

I understand what life is like with and without Spiritual perspectives.

I made a living with my engineering and business skills (technical support, economic development, and finally my own software company from 1996 to 2016). However, my unswerving intent was to remember and understand the insights that were given to me during my NDE.  I wanted to know how human consciousness creates reality. I wanted to know the relationship between human beings and Yahuah.

Since my NDE, I have led a self-examined life. I expanded my Spiritual perspectives and access to Guidance, and watched my life improve correspondingly. Awareness creates reality, and we always create our awareness, either deliberately or by default. When we improve our beliefs, we uplift our lives.

I studied numerous New Thought/Ancient Wisdom Teachers (Resources). I learned to send Reiki energy. I accessed Spiritual Guidance through various divination tools. Dowsing worked best for me, and I became an expert. I continually improved my intuitive, psychic, and channeling abilities. When I encountered a challenge, I knew it was a growth opportunity. 

I began helping clients through my Perspective Suchness consulting practice in 2015.

I have faith. I am filled with joy, gratitude, and a lovely sense of expansion.

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