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Human beings, made of consciousness, interact with the world, which is also made of consciousness. Reality responds to our beliefs and actions based on the Law of Attraction. 

No one can experience that which they believe is impossible. The more we open our minds and collaborate with Spirit, the more expanded we become, the more we can uplift ourselves and manifest our best life.

A near-death experience in 1990 opened my mind to an extreme extent. I went from being an agnostic to knowing that I was an eternal being of Light connected to All That Is. I became a Spiritual Seeker. I intended to know Yahuah (God, Goddess, Spirit, Source, All That Is, and hundreds of other names) and my relationship to Yahuah. My process of acquiring the Spiritual Knowledge I desired and transforming myself lasted over three decades. 

Life is all about perspective.

My book on the Multiverse and my Art Lyrics describe the true Spiritual Nature of reality and how to apply these perspectives to our lives.

Through my consulting practice, I assist clients to find clarity. My clients and I explore specific challenges from a variety of perspectives.  We develop an inspired path forward and possible resolutions.

Many blessings to you.

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