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Universal Prayer

I have studied the Law of Attraction since 2007 and Science of Mind since 2010. I developed the prayer below. It is very effective. Simply edit the prayer to more specifically describe what you desire.

God dreams and creates and populates worlds, experiencing every possibility by assuming every possible limitation and interacting with Itself.
God configures Itself into anything that every variation It has assumed desires.
Every possible outcome of every possible choice exists in infinite worlds. It all fits. It all reflects. It is all interwoven. It is all One. It is all God.
I am God assuming my identity and I am God. I am unlimited with all the powers of God. I direct my consciousness. I determine what other aspects of God flow into my awareness. I choose the reality I live from infinite realities. I am free to draw into my awareness anything I desire.
The larger part of me, the entirety of God, knows what I desire. I now speak my word that the perfect manifestation of my desire flow into my awareness.
I release my word into the Mind of God, into my Mind, and know that it is done.
Thank you for the manifestation of my desire and for all the blessings this creation brings to my life. Thank you.
And so it is.
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