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The Story Behind Art Lyrics

In our childhood, we adopt the beliefs and perspectives of our parents and family. That is the way it should be. That is our initial state. At some point we start to think for ourselves, to varying degrees. Other influences enter our lives. Our societies and social media bombard us, largely to our detriment.

After my near-death experience, I sought and studied Spiritual Perspectives that were new to me. I experimented with the Law of Attraction. I altered my thoughts and noticed how my life changed.  However, my instilled beliefs were decades-old habits that kept resurfacing. I wanted to embed my new, expanded beliefs down to the subconscious level. I decided to brainwash myself. And I knew how.

A dear friend, Sue Lehman, had written a wonderful poem for her grandson. I worked with her to refine the poetry. I created artwork to illustrate each stanza. Our collaboration resulted in I will Remember Love (Tayven's Book). 

I decided to use the process of writing poetry to fully embrace my preferred beliefs.  I picked a theme for each book to cover comprehensively. I established strict rules for the book - each would have 15 stanzas, 8 lines a stanza, every other line rhyming. I decided to pair each stanza with art that reflected the meaning of the stanza.

For three years, for an average of eight hours a week, I developed Expansion, Letting Go, Perspective, and Unity. I wrote stanzas and threw them out until they felt right. Once I had some lines of poetry that looked promising, I rewrote each stanza numerous times, making it as perfect as I could. Thank God for an online thesaurus and rhyming dictionary. As I refined the stanzas, I clarified my thinking. This as a distillation and brainwashing process.

I used a program called Visions of Chaos to create the artwork. This was also extremely time-consuming and kept me focused on Spiritual principles. Every image had to be the best match to its accompanying stanza that I could create. I estimate that I generated a couple of hundred preview images per stanza. Once I saw an image that was a good candidate, I used Photoshop to improve it. Even at this point I would often start over. Then there was the time I spent deciding on the order of the stanzas and formatting the book.  

I spent a tremendous amount of time focused on these Spiritual Perspectives.

This process worked. I brainwashed myself. Focusing on each stanza to such a great extent permanently shifted my beliefs. The process of choosing the art was crucial. The Spiritual concepts were ingrained at the emotional, non-verbal level. The equation below was extremely helpful. It symbolizes the Spiritual Nature of reality.

One represents Yahuah. From Yahuah all of reality is created, from the illusion of infinity to the illusion of zero. Reality flows from Yahuah and back to Yahuah.

I offer this equation and these Art Lyric books in the hopes that they reinforce a Spiritual perspective you resonate with.

One stanza in Letting Go has been of value to many of my clients:

Villains are always required

for a hero's battleground.

God loves the might of dark and light

to manifest Love profound.

Why let your circumstances and history dictate what you believe? Old beliefs are simply habits that can be changed to new beliefs that support your best expression of you in this life. I am not saying this process is easy. Habits can be hard to break. Look at the extreme measures I took. Please consider brainwashing yourself by whatever means works for you. However, and most importantly, brainwash yourself to be open minded to new information and revised beliefs that better serve you. We are all evolving. Flexibility in our perspectives is essential.

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